About Vernal, Utah

About Vernal

Adventure, Excitement, & Entertainment At Your Doorstop

What makes Vernal so great?

Venture into the great Vernal outdoors and experience a lifetime of beautiful adventures!
Adventure at your Doorstep!

Scenic rivers, mountains, lakes, and deserts provide plenty of opportunities for excitement and adventure in any season! Get out and discover the incredible things that make "Dinosaurland" the best destination in the West!

Vernal has always been home to a unique, small-town set of values and our people are some of the greatest in the nation! Raise a happy family in one of the nicest, most family-friendly cities around!
Unique values and people!

Vernal has been growing fast, and now is home to many "big city" shops and opportunities. But no matter its size, Vernal will always retain a "small town" feel - because that friendly, peaceful community is the heart of this beautiful area.

Make lifelong friends in Vernal!
Strong community, and friends!

Vernal is known to be one of the friendliest and safest places around. Our heritage and values can be seen in action everywhere you look, so don't hesitate to smile and strike up a conversation! We are always pleased to meet you!

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"Willowbrook has been a wonderful home for our family! The way they have taken care of us and the community we have grown to love has made living in Vernal a dream!"

-Nelson D.

"Growing up at Willowbrook was great! I always had fun playing catch or basketball with my dad or friends; leaving for college was tough!"

-Chris L.