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A Few Notes About Us...

Our Principles

Quality & Value

Willowbrook is committed to providing Quality and Value to our residents!

At Willowbrook Apartments in Vernal, we pride ourselves in our constant efforts to maintain and improve the quality and safety of our condos and our grounds.

Whether upgrading kitchen appliances, replacing insulation with environmentally conscious "Green" materials, or building a new playground we are continually mindful of ways we can continue to provide the best living experience in Vernal.

These and other efforts are described in more detail throughout the website.

Strong Community

Willowbrook is committed to building a Strong Community

We believe that encouraging the growth of a strong community is one of the most significant ways we can maintain a high quality living environment for our residents.

By creating opportunities for friendship and mutual support to flourish, a safer, happier, and more engaging lifestyle and home will be attained.

Additionally, people who are new to the area will find it easier to meet people and establish themselves in the community. And, well... it's just more fun this way!

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More About Us

Excellence in Action

Over the last 20+ years, Willowbrook has been one of the most popular rental communities in Vernal!

Willowbrook has been one of the most popular rental communities in Vernal for over 20 years!

With our long-standing record of excellence, you can be sure that your family and lifestyle will find new roots in a high quality, friendly community with small town values and a big heart!

We can't wait to welcome you into the Willowbrook family!

Now Furnishing!

We are now offering furnished apartments!

We are now offering fully furnished apartments with month-to-month leases! Vernal is home to a huge number of wonderful sites and activities, but hotels can be a huge expense.

Ask about our wallet friendly short term rates and stay in comfort on your next vacation!

Visit our Features & Amenities page for more information about our furnished apartments!

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What Our Residents Have To Say

"Anyone who is looking for rental property should DEFINITELY see if Willowbrook has an open apartment before checking ANYWHERE else! You wont' regret it."

-Rick H.

"My Willowbrook apartment was so comfortable, I couldn't stop snoring at night!"

-Ken B.